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The 2011 Breeding Season Diary

Last updated Tues 20th Sep at 09:30.

Tues 20th Sep: It appears that for most areas the toad season is now over, the last big night being Thursday the 8th September. The data gathered for this year is quite different compared to records we have for the last four years. Previous years experienced approximately 10 busy nights on which 30-50 toads were rescued, whereas this year there were around 25 busy nights on which 10-30 toads were recorded. The low and erratic rain this winter may have had a role to play in this.

Thurs 15th Sep: Report from Bergvliet: no toads seen.

Forecast: Sunny today (Friday) and rain for Sunday and Monday.

Wed 14th Sep: Tokai: 2 male toads seen in Maryland Crescent. No toads seen in Bergvliet.

Tues 13th Sep: Tokai: 2 toads seen. Seems as if the toad season is just about over in most areas after Thursday's big night. No calling from Swanswyk, Die Oog or Dreyersdal Farm Dam.

Mon 12th Sep: Tokai: 6 toads alive, 1 dead. Bergvliet: 3 toads.

Sun 11th Sep: Bergvliet: 1 toad rescued. Calling from a few gardens in Hout Bay and the Milner Rd wetland.

Forecast: A 30% chance of rain for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Sat 10th Sep: No reports.

Fri 9th Sep: Tokai: 19 toads, 6 dead. Hout Bay: 3 toads seen. Noordhoek: no toads.

Thurs 8th Sep: A big night! Tokai: 53 toads seen! 10 dead. Noordhoek: 49 toads! 9 dead. Bergvliet: 15 toads, 1 dead. Sun Valley: 5 toads, 1 dead. Marina da Gama: 4 toads. Hout Bay: 2 toads seen. Kirstenhof: only 1 toad. Strawberry Lane: 1 toad, 1 dead.

Wed 7th Sep: Tokai: 29 rescued and 3 dead. Bergvliet: 3 rescued.

Tues 6th Sep: Tokai: 26 toads rescued, 5 dead. Bergvliet: 3 toads. Marina da Gama: 1 toad. Lakeside and Kirstenhof none. Calling at Rutter Road, Westlake Wetlands and de Lille Square canal.

Mon 5th Sep: Tokai: 17 rescued, 4 dead. Bergvliet: 11 toads. No toads again at Lake side and Kirstenhof, seems like activity has ended here.

Forecast: Rain predicted for Thursday and Saturday.

Sun 4th Sep: Tokai: 16 toads. Bergvliet: 3 toads; Marina da Gama: 3 and 1 dead. Kirstenhof and Lakeside no toads. Westlake Wetlands and Swaanswyk calling.

Sat 3rd Sep: Reports from Bergvliet: 1 toad and Kirstenhof: 2 toads rescued.

Fri 2nd Sep: Reports so far only from Bergvliet: 2 toads.

Thurs 1st Sep: Busy in Tokai: 50 rescued and 15 killed, mostly gravid females. Die Oog: 11 alive, 1 dead. Bergvliet: 14 alive, 2 dead.

Forecast: Rain forecasted for today, Sunday and Thursday next week.

Wed 31st Aug: Reports from Bergvliet: Only 1 alive, 1 dead and Tokai: 2 alive, 1 dead. Toads calling at: Swaanswyk, Raapkraal, Duckpond, Arum ponds and de Lille Square pond. Activity has ceased at Die Oog.

Forecast: The moon is waxing from almost nothing. Rain forecasted for today, tomorrow and Sunday so volunteers are urged to be ready and alert.

Tue 30th Aug: Reports so far only from Bergvliet: 16 rescued, 2 dead.

Mon 30th Aug: Report from Bergvliet: 5 rescued, 1 dead.

Fri 25th and Sat 26th Aug: A busy weekend for Kirstenhof!: 209 toads rescued! and 6 dead. Lakeside: 17; Marina da Gama: 1 and Bergvliet: 7 alive, 3 dead. Tokai: 0 toads. Raapkraal, Upper Arum Pond and Swaanswyk calling.

Thurs 25th Aug: Report from Kirstenhof area: 58 toads in total and 4 dead. Tokai: 2 males. Duckpond calling.

Wed 24th Aug: Reports from Kirstenhof: 21 toads; Bergvliet: 8 alive, 3 dead; Noordhoek: 4; Sun valley: 9 and Marina da Gama and Fish Hoek both zero toads. Calling from ponds at Die Oog, Noordhoek, Steenberg upper and at Duck Pond, Kirstenhof.

Tue 23rd Aug: Reports: Marina da Gama: 32 toads rescued, Kirstenhof: 31, Bergvliet: 11 and 1 dead, Lakeside: 7 toads.

Mon 22nd Aug: A total of 80 toads were rescued at Die Oog! Thirty of them where in amplexis! The pond at Die Oog had 60 males calling, with 40 males seen and 8 amplexis couples. Calling also happening at Troutfarm, Lake Michelle, Noordhoek and Cape Point Vineyards pond where couples can be seen laying eggs. Other reports so far are Bergvliet: 18 toads and Kirstenhof: 1 male toad.

Fri 19th-Sun 21st Aug: Activity over the weekend from reports so far: Noordhoek: 16 alive, 6 dead; Sun Valley 25; Fish Hoek: 1 male; Bergvliet: 2 dead, 2 gravid females; Die Oog: 4 toads; Tokai: 8 alive, 2 dead; Kirstenhof & Clovelly: 0 toads.

Forecast: Rain again today, tomorrow and then again on Friday. Activity is expected to occur all of this week.

Thurs 18th Aug: Activity was reported in various areas, but as yet no signs of calling, suggesting that the toads are feeding, rather than having started their migration in most areas. So far reports that have come in are: Die Oog: 18 toads! Tokai: 7 live & 6 dead; Bergvliet: 8; Little Princess Vlei: 4 live & 1 dead; Ottery: 5; and, Strawberry Lane: 2 toads. Hout Bay was patrolled but no activity. No reports have been received yet for the Fish Hoek – Nooordhoek area.

Forecast:The forecast is for the rain to abate this morning and tonight to be dry. The major cold front is still to come on Sunday night and toads are likely to be active for the rest of the week. Teams should please patrol over the weekend and expect lots of activity all of next week. It is not clear if breeding will start this weekend or will wait for the waxing moon, but given the predicted heavy rain all teams should please gear up for activity every night next week.

Motorists and residents in breeding areas should please drive cautiously. A major deathspot is Tokai – motorists in the vicinity of the Circle and especially on Tokai Road should please drive very carefully around dusk – volunteers to man the area will be appreciated: contact the area coordinator for the Tokai volunteer group.

Wed 17th Aug: No activity reported.

Tue 16th Aug: No activity reported.

Mon, 15th Aug: No activity reported.

Sun, 14th Aug: Only 1 toad reported from Sun Valley.

Sat, 13th Aug: Very little activity despite the rain and Full Moon. Only 3 toads seen in Clovelly, and 3 dead and 1 alive toad in Tokai.

Fri, 12th Aug: Most activity seen in Noordhoek and Clovelly with 26 and 23 toads seen respectively! In Tokai 8 alive and 5 dead toads seen and a few toads seen in Bergvliet and Kirstenhof area and surrounds.

Thurs, 11th Aug: No toads reported yet..but Friday night promises to be the big night, see weather forecast below.

Wed, 10th Aug: No toads reported.

Tue, 9th Aug: Still nothing much to report since last Thursday's first significant batch of migrating toads. Over the long weekend one dead and four alive toads seen at Kirstenhof, and two toads seen in Clovelly.

Forecast: Sunny conditions expected until Thursday. Friday has a 60% chance of rain and Saturday has a 30% chance plus a Full Moon..quite favourable conditions for the toads so get ready for likely action this bright and wet looking weekend!

Sat and Sun, 6-7th August: No reported activity.

Fri, 5th August: Very cold and quiet. One toad at Lakeside and one at Kirstenhof.

Thurs, 4th August: Quite a busy night in most areas. A grand total of 115 alive toads seen! Also 11 dead toads.

Wed, 3rd August: Fish Hoek and Sun Valley kicked off the breeding season with a total of 28 toads seen, 26 males and 2 females. This is apparently way more than last year, and the rains are only to come tomorrow! Thursday evening is expected to be an eventful one..

Quiet near Marina da Gama area, with only one male seen near Park Island Way.

Forecast: Heavy rains expected for Thursday and more moderate showers for Friday. Sunny again Saturday through to Monday. With the waxing moon and wet weather approaching, movement is finally anticipated!..

31st July-3rd Aug: Patrolling, but no toads reported.

Sat, 30th July: Two juveniles seen at Kirstenhof, and two juveniles and a male seen at Marina da Gama.

Fri, 29th July: One dead toad seen in Noordhoek.

Thurs, 28th July: Rain. More patrolling. Two toads spotted off Silvermine Road, two in Noordehoek and one male seen off Maryland Crescent in Tokai. One male also seen by Kim on her driveway near Clovelly.

Wed, 27th July: Rain! Patrolling at Noordehoek, Fishhoek, Tokai, Muizenberg, Marina da Gama, Kirstenhof and Lakeside. One toad seen at Sunvalley/Silverglades and one at Clovelly during patrols in these two areas.

19th-26th July: Still very dry and no rainfall since first report. Patrolling begun however at Noordehoek, Sunvalley, Fishhoek and Clovelly, but no toads seen.

Mon, 18th July: Patrolling started in Sunvalley and Silverglades, yet no toads seen.

Sun, 17th July: John Measey reported having seen one gravid female crossing the road near Lakeside.

Sat, 16th July: Halfway through the month and we have only received 10% of our usual quota of July rainfall! No activity of toads reported to date.

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